Welcome to TWENTY 1 HUNDRED Float Wear

With a love for snowboarding and onewheel and all things floaty we have launched twenty1hundred floatwear to bring stylish, functional,strong and properly designed products for all your floating needs.

Designed and manufactured with the help of our friends at brethren apparel Our products are designed by riders for riders so you will find great quality and technology you need from a garment for everyday floating no matter the terrain.

All our products are tested in the French Alps to make sure they are perfect and ready for you.

We endeavor to make the best product we can make.

We hope you love it.

Float on!!!!

This is your normal size with a little extra room so you can wear you gear underneath and no ride up!


Designed with cuff glove to keep the hands warm. Cuff also designed to go over most wrist guards

Designed to fit with most helmets and with high neck to keep out the wind

Kevlar elbows
Reinforced for “ tuck and roll”

Kevlar booty
To keep your booty dry and dirt free when resting on those long rides or sitting around the park, Also adds a bit more strength.

Under arm vents with strong zips and mesh vent to keep the cool air flowing

Stash pocket
It’s a stash pocket!!!!

Headphone eyelet
A hole for you headphones is found in main pocket so important we gave you 2 left and right.

Kangaroo pocket and waterproof pocket
You get full pocket with strong zippers plus inside main pocket a sealed waterproof pocket for extra safety

Our hoodies are built and fit like a jacket if you want normal hoodie fit size down 1.


Available to purchase through our online shop